Food & fellowship: a student’s thoughts on the ASC Spaghetti Supper

Nov 18, 2021
Spaghetti Supper

For nearly the past six years now, the ASC sisters have invited students to join them at The Landing for food and fellowship in the form of a Spaghetti Supper.

Though I missed the first two spaghetti dinners of this semester, I was fortunate enough to make it out to The Landing this month for the last one of the season. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, I was incredibly grateful for this opportunity to join the sisters as well as my fellow students for a great meal and great company.

Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark

When my girlfriend (alumna Madeleine Dellinger) and I walked through the door, we were greeted with smiles and the sisters showed us where to sign in and directed us toward the food. The Landing has such a cozy feeling to it, and the sisters are always so hospitable — it makes you feel right at home.

Sister Betty Adams (‘66) and Sister Susan Welsby (‘73) were working in the kitchen, and they helped us with our plates.

While I was getting my plate, I was able to ask a few questions about what cooking the dinner itself is like.

Matthew Clark's plate of delicious spaghetti.
Matthew Clark’s plate of delicious spaghetti.

“I run to the store and get 10 pounds of meat and brown it up,” Sister Betty began, “and either freeze it or put it in the refrigerator depending on how soon I do it. Then I buy all kinds of pasta sauce that’s already made and then I put it together the morning of, starting one pot for meat and one vegetarian pot. Sister Janet and Sister Patty usually take care of the bread, and Sister Therese took care of the brownies tonight.”

A steaming bowl of scrumptious spaghetti

As I was eating my bowl of spaghetti, I could really tell just how much work went into it. The noodles were cooked to perfection, the flavor of the sauce was lovely and the garlic bread was such a nice supplement to the dish. It was clear that the recipe and process itself has been refined over the years. It had a nostalgic taste, as it reminded me of when I would have spaghetti at home with my family.

The Newman community is frequently likened to that of a family, and events like this do a wonderful job of promoting that familial warmth around campus. Especially for those who are away from home, or those who have a long commute, a little bit of warmth and congeniality goes a long way.

Students attend a spaghetti supper with the sisters in October.
Students attend a spaghetti supper with the sisters in October.

Sister Patty Owens, ASC, told me a bit more about how these spaghetti dinners started, as well as the welcoming sentiment behind them.

“We have offered spaghetti dinners two or three times each semester, just as a means of hospitality and bringing students together. We started out offering some kind of spiritual input after the dinner for two or three years, and then we learned over time that just sitting around and visiting together is great.”

The ASC sisters host exciting student events at The Landing, the house across from Carrocci Hall.
The ASC sisters host exciting student events at The Landing, the house across from Carrocci Hall.

It truly was refreshing to take a moment to just dine and chat. Our busy days tend to prevent us from indulging in such a simple — yet vital — form of fellowship, but being intentional about setting time aside for ourselves and for our loved ones is probably one of the best things we can do as humans.

To me, the Spaghetti Supper was even more than just a warm meal and caring company. It was a celebration of togetherness and a chance to fortify the soul and body. 

Whether you want to be surrounded by good discussions and loving people or you just want a magnificent bowl of spaghetti, be sure to watch for upcoming Spaghetti Suppers with the ASC sisters in the spring.

Spaghetti Supper at The Landing

ASC sisters open their home, The Landing, to Newman student body

For the past several years, The Landing has served as a resource for the members of the Newman community, and it has been provided and cared for by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC). The ASC community members take pride in the connection they have with the university through their home they have deemed “The Landing.”

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