ASC sisters open their home, The Landing, to Newman student body

Nov 07, 2018
The Landing

For the past several years, The Landing has served as a resource for the members of the Newman community, and it has been provided and cared for by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC). The ASC community members take pride in the connection they have with the university through their home they have deemed “The Landing.”

Adorer, Sister Janet Rowley
Sister Janet Rowley, member of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ and a worker at The Landing.

Sister Janet Rowley is one of the sisters who works and lives at The Landing. In addition to her position at the Landing, she works with area hospitals.

Rowley explained how the ASC enjoy opening The Landing to Newman students, faculty and staff.

“For the seven years that we have been here, we have been making The Landing available for activities and events that reflect the mission of Newman University,” she said. “We try to help meet the needs of the various groups within the Newman community.”

An important part of The Landing is the connection and interaction that takes place there. From campus club meetings to spaghetti dinners for students, staff and faculty, The Landing is a place where connections are made.

“We love providing a place for clubs to gather, for students to host meals and for various other needs. It’s a place that isn’t the dorm room and it isn’t the classroom. It’s a place to show our hospitality and a place for others to get to know the Adorers.”

In addition to her work at The Landing, Rowley enjoys working as a chaplain in local hospitals.

Rowley’s favorite part of the job is the time she gets with those whom she serves.

“I love being able to provide people with a sense of comfort and hope, even during difficult times. It is important to remind them that God is with them,” Rowley said.

Both in the hospitals and at The Landing, Rowley caters to a diverse community of people. The Landing is used as a neutral location for Kaleidoscope, Newman’s LGBTQ student organization. Rowley said that Campus Ministry also meets at the Landing. The house is also used for study spaces during finals week.

“We’re happy when people are using The Landing. We love to get interaction and for people to feel comfortable in the house. We live here because we get to invite people into our home. It’s important to foster relationships and host celebrations, and we’re happy to provide a space on campus to do just that,” Rowley emphasized.

Rowley is also joined by Sister Patty Owens and Sister Betty Adams, who both work at The Landing. Rowley said that they all enjoy getting to know students and building relationships with the Newman community.

“It’s always a pleasure to participate in the community life that takes place here,” she added.