Meg Trumpp honored by Kansas Respiratory Care Society

May 02, 2019
A stethoscope

A Newman University faculty member was recognized at this year’s Kansas Respiratory Care Society (KRCS) seminar. Margaret “Meg” Trumpp, M.Ed., is an assistant professor of respiratory care, the director of the respiratory care program and the director of allied health programs at Newman University. Trumpp received the Hugh S. Mathewson award on April 4.

KRCS is an affiliate of the American Associate for Respiratory Care. According to Trumpp, the KRCS mission is “to educate, advocate and promote the profession and practice of respiratory care.” The annual education seminar provides continuing education and networking opportunities to practitioners and students. In addition, KRCS annually recognizes a respiratory care professional with the Hugh S. Mathewson award.

Meg Trumpp

“Dr. Mathewson was an anesthesiologist,” stated Trumpp. “He had a long association with the nurse anesthesia program, respiratory therapy program and the anesthesiology residency program at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He was an advocate for the profession and practice of respiratory care and served as the medical director for the KRCS.”

Mathewson was an advocate and pioneer for the respiratory field for 50 years; he was also a medical director emeritus at the time of his passing.

Each year, this award is given to a therapist who continues to support and serve the respiratory care profession.

“I feel honored to receive this award that pays tribute to my long career in the profession of respiratory care,” Trumpp commented.

Trumpp has been a respiratory therapist for 38 years. When asked which contribution she is most proud of, Trumpp replied, “I am proud of my career as a respiratory therapist and especially my 32 years as a respiratory care educator.

“The goal of the respiratory care program is to prepare graduates as competent registered respiratory therapists. Professional competence combines cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills. I have enjoyed being part of the skills development of our students and graduates.”