Music and athletics — a match made in heaven

Jan 17, 2019

The Newman University Chorale and Troubadours recently hosted their annual Christmas Concert and it was an opportunity for a wonderful duo to team up once more.

Deanne Zogleman, director of music at Newman, and Vic Trilli, Newman’s athletic director, have made a habit of working together throughout the academic year, and the Christmas concert was a great opportunity for them to strengthen their partnership by collaborating once again.

Deanne Zogleman, director of music at Newman University

“I always look forward to opportunities to work together with the athletic department,” said Zogleman.

“Vic is always happy to help us when Christmas approaches. He always brings people to the concert, and he eventually wanted to do more to help with the event. We decided to have a reception in the atrium with cider and cookies as a way to make the concert even better for those who come to support the music department.”

In addition to providing refreshments after the Christmas concert, Zogleman said the athletics department helps provide for the music department by covering the cost of the Pep Band’s t-shirts.

Trilli also made a contribution to help begin the Pep Band in order to help improve the atmosphere at athletic events throughout the year. The partnership between the two departments provided an opportunity to open Newman up to future students.

Zogleman said, “It was one of our goals to invite other high schools to play with the Pep Band and sing alongside us during Christmas concerts. It gets more people in seats at so many events where students have an opportunity to shine.”

Mulvane High School’s Esprit de Corp performed with Newman Chorale and Troubadours at the annual Christmas Concert.

Part of Zogleman’s mission to garner participation in community life at Newman from outside the university involves inviting high schools from the surrounding area to perform with the Newman Chorale and Troubadours during their annual Christmas Concert.

This year, they welcomed Mulvane High School’s Esprit de Corps to perform with them and experience the thrill of the Newman stage.

“The Christmas concert is a great opportunity for us to show high school students what is waiting for them at Newman,” explained Zogleman. “We get to recruit in an exciting way and welcome others into the professional atmosphere that we maintain in our rehearsals and performances. We can show these students what music at Newman is like, which is a great way to get more students in Newman classrooms.”

While the athletic department did not play a part in the performance directed by Zogleman, they did provide refreshments following the concert in the Performance Hall while both choir and audience members caroled in the Gorges Atrium following the performance as per tradition.

The Newman Troubadours perform the National Anthem at the 2018 Homecoming basketball game

The Troubadours and other vocalists also support the athletic department by singing the national anthem at certain basketball games in the spring. They also attend these games to support their peers on the court in return for the support they receive on the stage.

Trilli said he is proud of the relationship that exists between his department and Zogleman’s.

Vic Trilli, athletic director at Newman

“In reality, Deanne and I have the same job” said Trilli. “We work for students that take on a great commitment by playing on a team or singing in a choir or acting on stage. We understand that our students have similar needs, and we do everything we can to meet their needs.”

Trilli, who has been in his position at Newman for more than a decade, said that he and Zogleman have been working together as long as he can remember.

“Deanne and I both have a lot of energy that we focus toward the students, and we accomplish the most when we are working together. It’s effortless. It creates a relationship of respect and I truly respect everything that the students do and what the faculty in our departments do as well,” said Trilli.

Trilli, who has held the position of athletic director at two other universities, said Newman is unique because of what can be accomplished when departments work together for the good of the students.

“You don’t find a partnership like this everywhere. Newman is unique because this kind of cooperation can begin and continue. And we can always use more of these types of relationships on campus. It’s what makes Newman such a special place.”