Nelnet Campus Commerce offers aid with college payments

Jun 27, 2019
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During the summer, students take a much-needed break from the high stress of college — that is until they hear the dreaded words “tuition payments due.” Before panic starts to settle in, help can be found at Newman’s student accounts office.

Nicole Brown, payroll and student accounts supervisor, explained how Nelnet Campus Commerce, a payment plan service, can help Newman students with college payments.

Some students may already be familiar with Nelnet as it is also a student loan servicer. Nelnet provides service to holders of federal student loans. Part of the service Nelnet provides is answering borrowers’ questions regarding their loans. In addition, the company can offer options to those having trouble with making payments and it processes payments.

“All of our students who do not have their tuition and fees covered by financial aid, loans and scholarships would benefit from using Nelnet’s services,” she added. “Whether you owe $500 or $5,000, you can spread your tuition and fees out over a number of months to pay your balance off.

“Our parents and students should know that Nelnet is a low-cost option for paying for tuition and fees,” added Brown. “There are no interest or finance charges assessed for using the payment plan option. There is no credit check, the payment options are flexible and it’s not a loan for students.”

Nelnet allows students to spread out their tuition payments, and enrolling in the Nelnet plan allows them to avoid late fees and/or interest on their account for not paying the full tuition and fees by the due date.

“As long as your plan stays current, you can avoid all late fees and interest on your student account,” stated Brown.

Payment plans vary based on when the student enrolls. According to Brown, there is a $30 enrollment fee for the semester plan and a $50 enrollment fee for the yearlong plan.

For a specific look at the plans offered, students and their families can visit

Brown also encourages those with further questions to reach out to the student accounts office for help at (316) 942-4291, ext. 2168.