Newman purchases new vans for student travel

Sep 24, 2020
newman vans
Students pose with the one of the new vans on move-in day

Newman University recently purchased three new vans for student travel. The vans boast a large Newman Jets logo on the side and elements of the Wichita flag.

The vans will primarily be used for athletic travel but, if available, can be used for other student organizations.

The vans were purchased from Les Eck at Rusty Eck Ford, a longtime donor and friend of the university. The university, specifically the Board of Trustees and chair J.T. Klaus, acquired the vans at a favorable price while working with Eck.

Director of Operations Tony Beata said, “We are always looking for ways to be good stewards of our funds. I believe there is great budget savings potential with these vehicles and they address a real need. The favorable purchase price combined with the fact that transportation is a big part of our athletic expenses, I think this investment will have a positive impact on our budget. We won’t have to incur a lot of the costs that we have in the past for renting vehicles to transport teams to competitions.”

Not only are the vans a cost-saving initiative for Newman but a branding opportunity.

Director of University Relations Clark Schafer worked with Pfaff Signs of Goddard, Kansas, to create the wraps used on the vans.

He said, “After purchasing the vehicles, besides providing money-saving safe transportation for our teams, we saw the vans as an opportunity to build awareness for the university.

“Before production of the wraps themselves, we worked with the sign maker to make sure the colors would match the Newman brand when they would eventually be installed. I think they turned out really well and hope as our teams and other university personnel travel, people will get to know Newman.”

In the past, rented transportation lessened the opportunity to promote Jet pride while traveling and while in attendance at athletic events. Using the Jets logo, elements of the Wichita flag and Newman’s logo helps other teams identify who Newman is and where Newman is located.

Schafer said, “Unless someone already knows our university, they will not readily understand the Jets logo represents Newman, so the vehicle wrap should help in those efforts.”

When designing the wrap, creating something simple yet attention-grabbing was key.

“The Wichita flag is very popular so we thought it would draw attention to the vans themselves while also helping tie some of the university branding elements currently being used in our admissions materials,” said Schafer.

Athletic Director Joanna Pryor is excited to travel with more ease and in style. “I am excited we have institutional vehicles with a brand,” she said. “This is great advertising in a much needed time.”