Alumni return to campus during Newman Alumni Weekend

Apr 26, 2018
alumni weekend

Newman University once again welcomed alumni from all over the country back to campus for a weekend full of activities during Newman Alumni Weekend held April 20-21.

The weekend included a beer tasting event, Newman-style TED talks and special luncheons before the annual Alumni Awards Banquet brought the weekend to its end.

Before the weekend of activities began, some alumni, along with other Newman community members, took part in a special dedication ceremony. The ceremony was a clebration of the new Heimerman Plaza, the Bishop Emeritus Eugene J. Gerber sculpture and the Gerber Family Commons. Alumni were also invited to hear artist Lori Norwood talk about the process of creating the sculpture.

On Friday evening, the reunion events kicked off with a beer tasting event in the Sister. Tarcisia Roths, ASC, Alumni Center. Eight beers from around the world were presented to the tasters.

Patrick Edwards ’07 gave some background on each choice while Betty Adams, ASC, finished with a small summary of how the location of each beer connected to the ASC sisters. Some selections included Bierra Moretti La Rossa (Europe), Fosters (Australia) and Tusker Lager (Asia).

alumni weekend
Alumni enjoy an evening of beer tasting during Newman Alumni Weekend.

The beer tasting was a fun way for alumni from different decades to talk and share memories of their time at Newman.

Saturday morning provided the alumni and other Newman community members to hear Newman-style TED talks from three Newman alumni.

alumni weekend
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ryan Huschka gives a Newman-style TED talk during Newman Alumni Weekend.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ryan Huschka, Ph.D., ’07, kicked the talks off with his presentation, “Mysteries and Miracles of the Universe.” Huschka enlighted the audience on questions that scientists know the answers to and the many other questions they don’t.

Cassandra Gerlach, M.D., ’08, helped the audience understand how to find balance in a demanding world. Gerlach gave a list of helpful tips that would come in handy, things an individual can remove or add to their life so that they can create a better work/life balance.

Sister Tarcisia Roths, ASC, ’54, talked to the audience about a new program she is involved with, “THRIVE—don’t just survive!” Roths explained the program’s goal of breaking the cycle of poverty by helping those in need and providing the recourses that will get them back on track in life.

Saturday afternoon, most alumni attended a fun, family-oriented lunch where they enjoyed good conversation, pizza and games in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center.

In the Alumni Center, a special luncheon was organized for members of the class of 1968 and past Ablah Award winners. The recipients were able to meet the donor of the award, Geri Jabara, and share their recent successes as well as their appreciation for the honor.

Edwards said he enjoyed the weekend and thought it was good to see everyone come together. “I enjoyed helping at the beer tasting, but I also liked being able to sit back and reconnect with old friends,” he said.