Newman University archives: Treasures of our history

Feb 14, 2019

During Heritage Month in February, the Newman University community remembers its founders, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC), namesake John Henry Cardinal Newman and Catholic tradition through fun activities and events.

Another way the community remembers its one-of-a-kind history is through the rich collection of artifacts, kept in the Newman Archives office.

As director of the archives, Sue Koenig keeps these artifacts under her care. Students and outside researchers are encouraged to visit the Newman archive office located on the north end of the ground floor of Sacred Heart Hall near Mail and Copy. The office is open from approximately 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. daily.

Koenig has been working hard organizing the archives to be more searchable for those wanting to study them.

“By transforming everything in the kind of searchable shelves back there, that helps a guest come in and find something they might be interested in,” Koenig said. “They could peruse the Vantages (student newspaper) because we pulled out all the (issues) and we’re on a project that’s going to be digitizing them so they can be searchable if someone is looking for any specific information.”

Many have visited during this month of heritage looking for information about renaissance, homecoming and High Tea events and about Cardinal Newman to answer questions and to satisfy their curiosity about the past.

“Heritage Month is a very busy month. There are so many different activities going on. I’m trying to get everybody to come and visit the archives and just let them know we exist. We’re here and anyone is welcome to visit,” Koenig explained.

You can find a statue of the late Bishop Gerber right outside the door, welcoming those who visit.