Newman bowler Truly contributes to team’s success

Apr 22, 2021

Newman University’s women’s bowling team is on a roll. They recently qualified for the collegiate national championships after an impressive show at sectionals.

Helping guide the team to success is Destiny Truly, a junior in communication.

Truly began bowling at the ripe age of four, so she doesn’t remember a time in her life when bowling wasn’t at the forefront.

Her older brother and dad bowl as well, which is what initially got her into the sport, and Truly says that now most of her friends are fellow bowlers – people who feel like her second family.

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“I grew to love it because I had so many great people around me, and bowling is different than any other sport, and for some reason, I’m good at it,” she says. “I just love to do it. It wasn’t something that stressed me out; it helped me relieve stress. It was somehow an escape for me, and it’s something I love to do to get out of my own head.”

Before transferring to Newman University this past fall, Truly bowled at Arkansas State University. The school wasn’t the best fit for her, so she got connected with Newman’s head bowling coach, Billy Murphy.

Even in the short time she’s been at Newman, Truly has found comradery among her bowling teammates. She gets along well with the other women and has formed great relationships. Truly feels like her teammates have her back, which is something she hadn’t experienced before.

“What I love most is the support system,” she says of bowling at Newman. “Even [Coach] Billy taking the time to understand who I am as an individual and taking that into account and trying to help me as an individual and as a team … everyone just cares so much here.”

Head Coach Billy Murphy

Murphy has been equally impressed with Truly.

Destiny is a great teammate, and when she is performing well, she brings a great energy to our group,” he says.

Adding to Truly’s support network are her parents, who moved to Wichita when she did. They previously lived in Minnesota and had been wanting to relocate for a while, finally settling on Wichita when Truly transferred to Newman. Having her family close-by is “an advantage” for Truly.

“It’s a great feeling, and it means a lot to me because I went through so much, and now they’re able to be here with me and support me and comfort me and just love me,” Truly says.

Murphy also appreciates the family’s enthusiasm for Truly and the team.

“It is always great to have the support of your family and what you are pursuing, and Destiny is very lucky to have that support in her life,” he says. “They are a great family, and we are blessed to have them here in Wichita and part of our Newman community.”

As for her performance at sectionals, Truly feels she did “phenomenal,” even though she suffered from a wrist injury earlier in the season. The team did exceptional as well, proving they can compete with the big dogs and possibly even become national champions.

Jets celebrate after clinching berth in the national tournament May 3-8, 2021

“As a team, we worked so hard together,” Truly says. “We put ourselves in a position where we knew we had to come together and be great, and we were able to come together as one and be amazing and qualify for nationals.”

For the immediate future, Truly looks forward to her experience at nationals, but beyond that, she hopes to become a professional bowler by joining the Professional Women’s Bowling Association Tour. And her time at Newman has helped to put any doubts aside.

“I just never believed in myself, and I think that this year has finally given me the motivation and confidence to push myself to go that far,” she says.

One thing Truly knows for sure, though, is that bowling will be the frame around her life no matter where her journey takes her.