Podcast episode shares mini cheesecake recipe

The holiday cupcakes are decorated with things like Christmas trees, snowmen and more.

Digital content specialist Amy Emerson ’19 teamed up with Director of Alumni Relations Dana Beitey to bring listeners of the Newman Bond podcast a holiday dessert recipe. 

From active recovery to $10,000 social work fellowship: Maggie Papalia

Papalia (center) is given kisses on the cheeks from her boyfriend and best friend while wearing her graduation cap and holding her undergraduate degree from Newman University.

Newman University Master of Social Work student Maggie Papalia, who’s also a graduate of the Bachelor of Social Work program, was recently awarded a prestigious $10,000 fellowship from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). 

Biochemistry student completes internship with BG Products

Hope Strickbine stands with a BG Products car and illustrated background.

Hope Strickbine’s first exposure to BG Products, a Wichita-based company that manufactures automotive products like cleaners and specialty lubricants, was during her senior year of high school. 

Student Annette Castillo-Lopez pursues nursing degree

(From left to right) Family members Alondra Lopez-Gomez, Edith Castillo and Annette Castillo-Lopez graduate from Butler Community College at the same time. (Courtesy photo)

Education is a family affair for Annette Castillo-Lopez, her aunt, Alondra Lopez-Gomez (who’s the same age as her), and her mom, Edith Castillo, all of whom graduated from Butler Community College at the same time. 

Crossover episode of ‘The Newman Bond’ podcast discusses apocalyptic graphic novel

On a special crossover episode of The Newman Bond podcast — which features professional speakers, alumni, students and other members of Newman’s network — Associate Professor of Theology Matthew Umbarger and Technical Director Austin Schwartz ’23 connect to continue their conversations surrounding stories and literature that focus on end times.