Newman Campus Ministry holding time of consecration to Jesus from Oct. 19 to Nov. 21

Nov 05, 2015

Newman Campus Ministry is helping students, faculty and staff who want to deepen their faith with a time of preparation for consecration to Jesus Christ.

The prayerful journey began Oct. 19 and will end on the Consecration Day of the Presentation of Mary, Nov. 21. The intent of this 33 day period is for the participants to prepare for consecration to Jesus through his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“Mary set herself aside to bear her son and serve her Lord, so we too can join in this by following her example,” Campus Minister Kylie Werth said.

Werth is leading this time of prayer. Campus Ministry is using Preparation for Total Consecration written by St. Louis de Montfort for the daily prayers. The period is divided into four parts with the sole purpose of setting oneself aside to draw closer to Jesus.  Joining after the start date is acceptable, but catching up is encouraged.

Those who wish to participate will be emailed the prayers daily and will end with a special Mass to celebrate the Consecration together on the Marian Feast Day.

To take part in this consecration, email Werth at [email protected].

For more perspective on the Consecration, Werth quotes St. Pope John Paul II:

Whereas previously I held back for fear that devotion to Mary would obscure Christ rather than give him precedence, I understood with the light of St. Louis de Montfort’s book that in truth it was entirely different…We might even say that Christ himself appoints his Mother to those who strive to know and to love Him, as he did on Calvary with His disciple John.”

Regardless of faith background Campus Ministry encourages all to consider joining them in this beautiful time of prayer.