Newman Counseling Program hosted Dr. Ronald Federici

Jul 16, 2015

The Counseling Program at Newman University hosted clinician, researcher and author Dr. Ronald Federici for a two-day training conference June 28-29 for the treatment of children diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD).

More than 50 area clinicians, mental health care providers and parents attended the  conference, which was held in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center.

Federici is regarded by many as the country’s leading expert in the neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of children affected by multi-sensory neurodevelopment impairments, neuropsychological/neurodevelopment disabilities, adoption-trauma issues, alcohol/drug-related birth defect syndromes, traumatic brain injuries, and behavioral disorders disrupting family and community.

Federici has worked abroad in institutional settings for over a decade, and leads a team of international adoption medicine experts with goals in comprehensive evaluation and de-institutionalization programs.

Federici currently practices from his Virginia-based clinic and provides professional training, educational workshops and clinical supervision in the areas of severe developmental disorders and raising the post-institutionalized child. His work has been featured on Dateline NBC (the Emmy award-winning story: “Fighting for Dane”), CNN, PBS and the BBC. He will be featured later this year on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”