Newman Criminal Justice helps real superheroes

Aug 27, 2015

So you want to fight crime, but brightly colored spandex costumes and unnecessary exposure to radioactive spiders aren’t really your thing? No worries.

At Newman University, we know superheroes are everywhere, even if being Batman may be off the table. The true heroes are everyday defenders of justice who keep our society safe by putting hard-won skills and knowledge into action in the real world.

From studying to soar with the legal eagles in pre-law, to cracking down and keeping the bad guys off the street as a law enforcement or corrections officer, Newman offers plenty of options to flex your muscles for the lawful good. All you have to do is keep digging, Sherlock.

Newman's Criminal Justice program gives students hands on experience from real world professionals.
Newman’s Criminal Justice program gives students hands-on experience from real-world professionals.

So how do you know if a career in criminal justice is right for you?

Here’s a clue: Do you solve every murder on TV police procedurals before the first commercial break? Are you fascinated by what motivates criminals? Are you intrigued by the tools and tech used by professionals in the ever-evolving world of law enforcement? Do you have a passion for seeing justice served?

If so, then enough with the interrogation. Here’s the rap sheet on what you can expect from an education at Newman: First of all, boredom is out of the equation. Lectures are reinforced with applied activities to sharpen your skills and bring the words off the page and into real life. Our instructors are trained professionals who know their chosen field inside and out.

Prepare to get your hands dirty in mock crime scenes and field searches while fine-tuning your oral reasoning abilities with plea bargaining activities.

Get inside the heads of wrongdoers by boning up on Criminal Law or Corrections Operations, with opportunities to dig even deeper during advanced special topics classes like Murderers in America or Domestic Terrorism.

newman_university_criminal_justice_degree_programLearn more about real world experiences from the pros with guest speakers ranging from Wichita Police officers and detectives to Crime Scene Investigators, Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Deputies, and District Attorney investigators.

Your fascination with the details of every situation may be what drive you to pursue a career in criminal justice, but it’s the surprising exposure to new and exciting discoveries that will keep reeling you in and shattering your preconceived notions and stereotypes.

Crime isn’t going anywhere and the fight is escalating on both sides as technology brings more challenges for those who fight to preserve the common good.

“Police radios, computers in police cars, GPS locating devices used in tracking criminals and solving crimes are just the beginning,” said Newman’s Jill Fort. “The possibilities are endless when you look at how technology has impacted the field of Criminal Justice. There is not a single career field in Criminal Justice that has not been impacted by technology. Hopefully, the future will bring further innovations into the field that can help solve crimes faster.”

From the moment you set foot on Newman’s campus, you’ll recognize the mighty punch our programs pack. Even if you aren’t exactly sure where you fit in the system, you can begin to sharpen your tools and add to your utility belt of skills until the you find the right fit for you.

Come for the discipline and top-notch training in a high-tech field that promises career security, and stay for the relationships you’ll build and the personal inspiration, discoveries and growth you’ll uncover before you finish your degree.

The criminal justice system always needs more heroes. Are you ready to suit up?

There are a variety of career opportunities available for students working toward, or graduates who have completed, a degree in Criminal Justice from Newman University, including: Law enforcement The court system Forensics Corrections Probation or parole
There are a variety of career opportunities available for students working toward, or graduates who have completed, a degree in Criminal Justice from Newman University, including Law Enforcement, The Court System, Forensics, Corrections, Probation or Parole.

Editor’s Note: The following story first appeared in the Summer 2014 issue of Inside Newman, a publication of the Newman University Office of Admissions for students interested in attending Newman.