Newman awarded two grants from Evergy

Oct 08, 2020

Newman University was awarded two grants from Evergy that will allow the university to better serve underserved students.

One grant will fund the 2021 spring Newman STEM Education Program (NSEP) for high school students and the other will help the Newman University Hope Scholars Program.

Newman was awarded $8,250 for the NSEP program and $32,000 for the Hope Scholars Program.

The NSEP is a 16-week, after-school program that engages up to 48 low-socioeconomic and/or underserved Wichita area high school students in STEM-related areas.

By utilizing hands-on scientific and investigative laboratory research in small groups, instructors can work more closely with students to give them a more in-depth look into STEM fields. The goal of the program is to provide future career and economic options for the students involved in NSEP.

The program addresses the nationwide shortage of students entering STEM fields. The program has grown over the past 17 years and seen hundreds of participants continue their college education and graduate from universities with their baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees in biology, chemistry, optometry, engineering and medicine.

The Newman University Hope Scholars Program is a new initiative from the Student Life department for underserved high school students in Wichita.

The goal is to empower and equip 30 Wichita high school students with the necessary resources to thrive in society and in the workforce. Students will be served a robust higher education experience for one academic year.

Participants will gain hands-on college readiness skills, sharpen their leadership skills through applied learning, gain an individualized support network of Wichita and Newman University leaders, engage with elected officials and deepen their knowledge on how to apply for college.

These experiences will help address the disproportionate achievement gap in low-income communities, contribute to a well educated future workforce and provide curricular as well as co-curricular experiences for underserved youth.