Newman faculty Audrey Hane and Gina Marx attend WIBA event

Oct 06, 2016
Disney's Approach to Business Excellence

Newman University faculty members Audrey Hane and Gina Marx attended a Wichita Independent Business Association (WIBA) event Sept. 28 featuring a training seminar titled Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence.

Audrey Hane and Gina Marx pose with a Minnie Mouse balloon.
Audrey Hane (left), and Gina Marx (right), pose with a Minnie Mouse balloon at WIBA’s all day Wichita event featuring Disney’s approach to business excellence.

For the first time since 2010, the Disney Institute partnered with WIBA to give community members the opportunity to participate. A crowd of approximately 200 gathered to take part in the event that was held at the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT).

“Attending the seminar made me realize that we must be conscious of our core set of beliefs and expectations in order for progress to be made as a whole,” said Director of Graduate Education Program and Assistant Professor of Education Gina Marx.

There are four programs that Disney provides, each focusing on a different aspect of business that ensures a positive customer experience. These include employee engagement, quality service, leadership excellence and business excellence — the final being the primary theme of the most recent event.

“Disney’s motto is ‘We create happiness’,” said Professor of Communications Audrey Hane. “Disney is a place that draws people in with its message and Newman University acts in a similar way with its mission being to ‘empower graduates to transform society’. Everything we do here has to support that.”

By focusing on the organization’s values and culture, a sense of customer loyalty can come out of the brand, Hane said. “Once we create it, we will also be providing better student experiences and higher engagement between faculty and staff members.”

Marx agreed, saying, “At Newman, we have the potential to make a tremendously positive impact, highlighting that special degree of difference.”