Newman University Jets take flight following 2022 graduation

May 31, 2022
Newman University graduates of the class of 2022

As commencement has passed, several Newman University 2022 graduates have important plans after their graduation, from jobs and travel plans to continuing their education.

For many, this is not the end but rather the beginning of their next chapter, and that is certainly the case for these five graduates. 

Taylor Powers

Taylor Powers, 2022 graduate, earned her degree in nursing. She says she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of her professors and advisor Amelia Hopper. 

Taylor Powers
Taylor Powers

“It’s a very tough program, but I had very dedicated professors to help me. My advisor went above and beyond when I was having a very difficult moment in the program. She was the most supportive person that I needed at the moment, and I think her dedication and support is the reason I was able to finally graduate and pass the program,” Powers said. 

She transferred to Newman her junior year after spending the first two years at Wichita State University. Powers said she made the decision to transfer because she wanted a smaller community, where she could form better relationships with her professors and get the attention and help she would need. She also said she is very happy she made the choice to come to Newman.

Powers said she is excited and ready for her next steps and plans to continue her career in nursing. 

“First I need to take my NCLEX, my boards and then after that, I’m going to probably take a job in the medical-surgical unit or the ICU. Then hopefully after a couple years of getting experience, I would love to be a travel nurse and just see the world,” Powers said.

Mac Foley

Mac Foley graduated with his degree in biochemistry. His journey was unique as he changed majors multiple times and chose to take tougher classes as he found them fun and challenging. Foley also said he had obstacles outside of school, but thanks to the help of his professors, advisor and coach he was able to overcome them. 

Mac Foley
Mac Foley

“I had mental health issues before the pandemic, but through COVID they really exacerbated,” Foley explained. “I became really overwhelmed in one of my classes, got behind, didn’t turn in any work and eventually I had to take an incomplete.”

Foley messaged his professor, expressed his mental health struggles, and thankfully the two came up with a solution to continue the class in the upcoming semester.

“He showed me mercy, and said we could meet every week in the next semester about how we could finish that class,” Foley said. “Having that support was just really great.” 

During his time at Newman, Foley was on the triathlon team and was a part of the Student Government Association. He said he enjoyed his time at Newman but is ready for the next step in his journey. 

“In every class I learned something important for the next step in my journey at Newman. Now I will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska, for Creighton University School of Dentistry, with my fiancé soon-to-be-wife in July,” Foley said.

Deborah Moss

Graduate Deborah Moss earned her degree in social work with a concentration in social services and diverse populations. Moss said that the road to her degree was not always easy, but thanks to the help of other students and professors she was able to succeed. 

(Left to right) Christine Schneikart-Luebbe and Deborah Moss
(Left to right) Christine Schneikart-Luebbe and Deborah Moss

“My academic experience was hard. When I came to Newman, I was a little behind academically, but professors and fellow classmates helped me a lot with essays and things of that nature. I especially struggle with my math, so they helped me and tutored me. It was just an awesome experience,” Moss said.

Though she said her time at Newman has been fantastic and she wouldn’t change it for the world, she is excited to pursue her master’s degree in social work at Howard University.

“Social work is my passion. I believe in helping people that don’t get the help that they should get. I don’t believe there are enough people and resources specifically in Wichita, Kansas, for those people and so I want to be that person that (can provide that for them),” Moss said.

Nolan Martin

Nolan Martin graduated with a degree in secondary education with a concentration in history and government. He first came to Newman as a seminarian but realized being a priest wasn’t for him, and he chose to pursue education.

Nolan Martin
Nolan Martin

“It was hard at first because I didn’t really know anything about education and I didn’t really think about becoming a teacher. Then I realized that it was actually interesting and it would bring joy into my life being able to learn how to educate others and provide for them and their needs. I just love learning,” Martin said. 

Martin said he is ready and excited to move on into the next steps in his life as a supply chain buyer for an aerospace company. 

“My hard work and education have paid off in the end and I can now move on into other greater and bigger things in my life,” he said.

McKenna Summers

Radiologic technology major McKenna Summers ’22 said that during her time at Newman she was challenged and that she had to come up with new learning techniques to excel in her classes. 

McKenna Summers, courtesy photo Facebook
McKenna Summers (courtesy photo)

“In high school, I would study to memorize (the material) and to pass the test, but here I had to learn it to know for the rest of my life,” Summers said. 

When Summers discovered past X-rays from her dad’s broken back injury, the field of radiologic technology piqued her interest. The unexpected passion led her to applying to the Newman program.

“I loved my time here, as well as the teachers in the two-year program. It was a little bit fast-paced, but I loved it and I met a lot of great people along the way,” Summers said.

Summers has accepted a position at Ascension Via Christi St. Francis and looks forward to a year of travel afterward.

McKenna Summers and fellow Newman students of the radiologic technology program at Newman
(Far left) McKenna Summers with fellow students of the radiologic technology program at Newman University. (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

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