Newman “Jets Through Time” during Homecoming Week

Feb 12, 2015

The Newman University Campus Activities Board (CAB) hosts the university’s annual Homecoming Week. This year’s homecoming theme is “Jet Through Time,” which highlights a decade of the past during each day of Homecoming Week.

The idea of “Jet Through Time” came about through CAB’s planning of homecoming, which began back in October 2014.

“Several theme ideas were thrown out, but the one that sparked the most ideas and joy from the group was ‘Jet Through Time,’ progressing through the decades,” said Student Activities Coordinator Lauren Susong. “CAB members liked the idea of introducing the Newman student body to significant moments in the 20th century and reminiscing about their own ‘days of old,’ the ’90s.”

Homecoming Week started with a ’50s day, which included life-sized Board Games Night, in which over 75 students played inflatable Twister, giant Jenga and Kerplunk and many other games.

Tuesday was ’60s day and CAB hosted an Open Mic and Mocktails Night in which students read poems, scripture, speeches, sang songs, or even performed some stand-up comedy. Mocktails were enjoyed as well as treats themed around significant happenings in the 1960s, such as the red scare and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Wednesday was ’70s day and students created disco balls and mini lava lamps during the day and enjoyed comedian Nick Guerra’s performance in the Performance Hall later that night.

Thursday is ’80s day. Students will enjoy laser tag set up in the Jabara Flexible Theatre as well as the homecoming basketball games, where the king and queen will be crowned during half time of the men’s game. More than 300 votes were cast this year for king and queen. Last year’s homecoming queen was Gladys Azzun and king was Alex Beck.

Friday’s theme is the ’90s. On this, the last day of Homecoming Week, students will enjoy some nostalgia playing Nintendo in the Student Center, followed later that night by the Homecoming Dance from 8 to 11 p.m. in the Jabara Flexible Theatre. Susong said students love cheering on Jets basketball and letting loose at the dance.

“Homecoming is a treasured tradition at NU, and students should get involved as much as possible in each event!” she said. “All CAB events, including Homecoming, are absolutely free and are put on so students can have fun and make NU their home away from home. We would love to have as much alumni presence as possible at our events, as well, especially at the Homecoming Game.”