Newman nursing students showcase cultural research projects

Oct 22, 2015

Newman University nursing students presented their cultural research projects on Tuesday, Oct. 20 to show what they had learned to become more culturally aware.

Assistant Professor of Nursing Dana Rose, M.S.N.E. said the department requires its students to participate in this project to teach them about cultural differences within the healthcare field.

“As nurses in today’s society, there are so many cultural differences in the United States and in the healthcare field and they need to know what it looks like,” Rose said. “It takes away some of the stereotypes we might think, and we talked about them in class. The students gave examples of what kinds of things were stereotypically changed from doing this project.”

Senior Haley Sauder and her group focused on Vietnam for their project. She said the project helped her become knowledgeable.

“They want us to be a little more culturally aware of the patients we see,” Sauder said. “It’s nice to be aware. You have a better idea of what your patient might be wanting or why they’re uncomfortable here. Knowing a little bit about the country, where they come from, what they speak can help you be a little more well-rounded and culturally aware.”