Newman pre-law students take part in 2015 MINK Law Day

Oct 01, 2015

On Sept. 10 a group of Newman pre-law students traveled with Professor of Sociology and Pre-Law Advisor Larry Heck, Ph.D. to Overland Park, Kan., to attend MINK Law Day.

MINK Law Day is presented by law schools in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas, and brings together representatives from more than 82 law schools from across the country. The event allows pre-law students to gather information about various law institutions and guides them in their decision on what schools to apply for, Heck said.

This is the second year Heck has taken Newman students to this event.

“Since I’ve been the pre-law advisor I’d been aware of the event,” Heck said. “It’s kind of hard with everything going on to take a day off and go. But I felt like it was very important to go and so I tried hard to make that one of my commitments.”

The event is set up so students can learn about various law schools, meet with the different admissions advisors, and in some cases even get application fees waived.

Heck said he brought two students to last year’s MINK Law Day. This year he brought seven.

“After last year’s experience, I felt that it was indeed worth the effort and the time to help get our students there,” Heck said. “I could pass on the information to the students about it, but rarely has anyone ever gone if I don’t offer the transportation like I have these past two years.”

Heck said he plans to continue making the trip to MINK Law Day as long as students continue to show interest.

“I can see how beneficial it is to them,” Heck said. “If I can get a group of six or seven to go every year I’ll be happy. They get a lot out of it.”