Newman University health care graduates earn top scores, high acceptance rates

May 09, 2012

Graduates of health care-related programs at Newman University have generated some impressive results over the past year.

Newman officials were notified recently that for the year ending Dec. 31, 2011, graduates of the Newman nursing program had a pass rate of 96.36 percent – the highest pass rate from among all first-time registered nurse candidates educated in Kansas on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses.

The Newman student pass rate was more than 10 percentage points higher than the Kansas pass rate of 85.88 – an average of all nursing programs in the state – and almost 9 points higher than the national average pass rate of 87.89 percent.

In addition, a record 10 Newman University students who applied for admission to medical schools were accepted this year, three students have been accepted into pharmacy schools, two were accepted into dental schools, and one student has been accepted into a physical therapy doctoral program.

“This is wonderful news, and a clear testament to the quality of our programs, faculty and students,” said Newman President Noreen M. Carrocci, Ph.D. “Newman University has developed a strong reputation of excellence over the years for our nursing, pre-med and other health care programs – particularly for a university of our size – and this simply confirms it. I send an enthusiastic congratulations to all the students and their families for these achievements.”

Newman program has proven track record
To practice nursing in Kansas, the Kansas State Board of Nursing requires that nurses be graduates of an approved school of practical nursing or professional nursing and have a passing score on the NCLEX. Kansas institutions of higher education offer 34 programs – 13 bachelor of science in nursing programs and 21 associate degree in nursing programs.

The nursing program at Newman University is highly respected in the region for its dedication to excellence and highly qualified graduates. In addition to teaching students the clinical skills required for nursing, the Newman program provides an ethical framework to help graduates meet the needs of diverse populations in today’s complex healthcare environment. The number of Newman nursing graduates who pass the NCLEX on their first attempt is consistently above state and national averages. In 2009, the NCLEX pass rate of Newman nursing graduates was 98 percent.

“I have to thank the nursing faculty for their dedication to quality and continuous hard work,” said Bernadette Fetterolf, Ph.D., associate dean of nursing and allied health and associate professor of nursing. “It really makes a difference.”

For more information on the Newman nursing program, call 316-942-4291, ext. 2244, or visit

To view the pass rate results of all 34 programs offered by Kansas colleges click here. Note: It may be necessary to refresh or reload the page.

Pre-med programs recognized for excellence
The Newman pre-med and other pre-professional health care programs are also recognized across the region for their quality. Over the past 10 years, 96 percent of Newman students who successfully completed the university’s pre-med program and received positive recommendation from Newman’s Pre-medical Committee have been accepted into medical schools.

The latest student to be accepted into a medical program is sophomore Teresa Nguyen, who was accepted into the University of Kansas Medical School’s Preadmissions Program, which facilitates students’ entry into medical school.

Newman Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Undergraduate Studies David Shubert, Ph.D. said the high success rate can be attributed to the motivation and commitment by students, the dedication and expertise of the Newman faculty, and the hands-on experience Newman students gain through “shadowing” a physician in their practice or in a hospital.

“This is a terrific time to be part of the Newman University community,” Shubert said. “Students, faculty, and staff all work in synergy and make this success possible. The phenomenal success of the science, nursing, and allied health students is really the tip of an iceberg, that reflects the education quality and faculty-staff commitment that every student, in every department enjoys.”

Students accepted into schools are listed below by hometown and type of school:

Andale, Kan.:
Nicholas Ojile – Medical

Bel Aire, Kan.:
T.V. Nguyen – Medical

Beloit, Kan.:
Ross Kee – Dental

Benton, Kan.:
Caleb McCormick – Medical

Conway Springs, Kan.:
Emily Gerber – Dental

Goddard, Kan.:
Lon Hosey – Pharmacy
Christopher Stanley – Medical

Kechi, Kan.:
Chad Micheler – Medical

Wichita, Kan.:
Amanda Flowers – Pharmacy
Cole Gillenwater – Medical
Jesse Gray – Medical
Abby Henning – Pharmacy
Teresa Nguyen – Medical
Anna Scheuffele – Medical
Cooper Stewart – Medical

Munich, Germany
Alex Bengtsson – PT