Newman University Men’s Society is newest addition to university clubs

May 12, 2016
Men's Society Newman University

This last year, the roster of clubs at Newman University got a little bigger. Among some of these new student clubs and organizations was the addition of the Newman University Men’s Society.

The Newman University Men’s Society was founded by freshmen students Brandon Steiner, Luis Jimenez and Kyle Mazza. The advisors of the Men’s Society are George Smith and Audrey Hane, but with Smith retiring soon the sole advisor will be Hane.

This club is exclusive when it comes to membership—only men can join the club. Steiner, Mazza, and Jimenez say the club is similar to the Knights of Columbus but you do not have to be Catholic to join.

“We have roughly fifteen members so far,” Mazza said. “We have a tentative logo, but not a finalized one yet. We will have one by next semester.”

Mazza also said that the majority of this semester has been a lot of planning for next semester. “We plan on planning further events for next semester during the summer.” Mazza added, “Since SGA did not meet for two months while we were trying to approve the club.”

Although the approval took a while, it has not stopped the Newman University Men’s Society from staying hopeful and working toward creating a successful organization on campus.

Mazza said, “[Although] we were delayed in its approval and did not have time to get anything done this semester, we plan to start off the fall semester with a BBQ on Saint Joseph’s patio on a Friday or Saturday in the first or second week in September.”

As for the club’s success, Mazza said that he sees the club opening up as an opportunity to the male population on campus.

I see the club opening up as an opportunity to men on campus who are not involved in athletics, another club, or a special interest group,” he said. “We will do community service around campus and we will be working with organizations around Wichita in the future.”

Look for the Newman University’s Men Society on campus next year. If any male students are interested in joining, contact Kyle Mazza or Audrey Hane.