Newman University set to start triathlon program in 2016

Aug 13, 2015

Newman University will soon be the first school in Kansas to have a triathlon team.

A triathlon program is set to start in the fall of the 2016-2017 academic year. Newman officials are now putting plans into place in order for the program to run smoothly.

Newman University TriathlonA triathlon is a three-part race that includes swimming, biking and running. A triathlon can done at varying distances. Triathlons are done differently in the United States versus the international and Olympic style of triathlons.

The idea to start a triathlon program began with the President’s Cabinet and discussion around campus. Newman officials also received interest from the city of Wichita and individuals who compete in triathlons.

Newman Athletics officials are now looking to hire coaches. Plans are to hire coaches by January 2016 and make a formal announcement about the new sport in September.

“We won’t start competing until the following year, but we will start recruiting both for the men’s and the women’s team,” said Newman Director of Athletics Vic Trilli.

Trilli added that Newman starting a triathlon program brings more opportunities to those in Wichita who are interested in this sport.

“A lot of people swim, run, and ride bikes, and with us having a team it gives something that those people like,” said Trilli.

The program will be a club sport and will be run like the bowling program at Newman. Competitions will be set up in districts and participants will need to compete in a set number of meets in order to make it to nationals.

“There has been talk about Newman hosting nationals in Wichita, and that would be pretty cool,” said Trilli.