Newman University SGA elections results

Apr 30, 2015

The votes have been tabulated and the results are in for two 2015-16 Student Government Association elections conducted this month.

Brandon Gollhofer and Brandi Boese were elected SGA president and vice president, respectively,  with a vote that concluded April 19.

The SGA Senate election concluded April 29.

Congratulations to the following students on being elected to the SGA Senate for the 2015-16 academic year.  Based on the vote totals, 21 senators were elected with the 22nd being the first alternate.  Next fall the SGA will have an election for two freshmen senators and a transfer senator.  If the transfer seat is unable to be filled, the first alternate will fill this seat.

Thank you to the 183 students who responded in the Senate Elections!

1 – Emilie Leivian – Senate Leader (based on most votes), Arts & Letter Division Senator

2 – Easton Julian, Business Division Senator

3 – Blair Benton, Science & Math Division Senator

4 – Shakeria Zachry, Arts & Letters Division Senator

5 – Megan Hemel, Science & Math Division Senator

6 – Maureen Hogan, At Large Senator

7 – Kati Bush, At Large Senator

8 – Luke Osterhaus, At Large Senator

9 – Rebecca Bergkamp, At Large Senator

10 – Kenton Weber, At Large Senator

11 – Ruben Lerma, At Large Senator

12 – Jared Ojile, At Large Senator

13 – Morgan January, Education Division Senator

14 – Ashlee Lusch, At Large Senator

15 – Wesley Williams, At Large Senator

16 – Dani Buedden, Social Science Division Senator

17 – Jacob Hobbie, Business Division Senator

18 – Anna Aniel, Education Division

19 – Bonnie Marsh, Nursing & Applied Science Senator

20 – Dianna Dinh, Nursing & Applied Science Senator

21 – Colby Shinkle, Non-Traditional/Graduate Senator

1st Alternate – Justin Ralph