Newman360Five looks at involvement on campus

Sep 10, 2015
Newman 360Five

At Newman University, it’s nearly impossible to set foot on campus without noticing all of the opportunities to get involved.

All students work hard to facilitate and create fun activities and opportunities for students to get involved. All Newman students, no matter their age, grade level, traditional, or non-traditional, are welcome at events presented by all clubs and organizations.

Getting involved is the choice of the individual, but with a hardworking Student Life staff, a wide variety of clubs and groups, and student groups like the Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board who are dedicated to students, getting involved at Newman University is easy.

In the latest episode of Newman360Five, regular correspondents Jalen Love and Justin Ralph delved into some of the ways to get involved on campus. The experience left both guys with a lot of information – but one of the guys covered in mud.