NU at the Kansas State Fair 2009

Sep 21, 2009

Newman University thanks all who stopped by the NU booth at the 2009 Kansas State Fair, which ended Sept. 20.

Newman volunteers taught visitors how to make bouncy balls and the chemistry involved. To get more information about Newman visit NU’s Admissions Web page. Click here to learn more about the bouncy ball experiment. Newman representatives tweeted throughout the event. Click here to follow Newman on Twitter and check out the Twitter chatter from the event.

Results from the Newman Booth at the State Fair

Over the course of the Kansas State Fair, 1519 visitors stopped by Newman’s new double-sized booth. In addition, three and one-half gallons of Elmer’s Glue was turned into small bouncy balls and 442 visitors got their ball to bounce into the NU game board claiming 260 calculators and 182 water bottles as prizes.

NU thanks all who helped with the booth

Faculty Anders Ted
Staff Austin Karen
’00, ’03 Austin Yangchen
’09 Brown Kerri
’96 Carey Sandra
’99 Coleman Debbie
’93 Coleman Tom
’92 Crane Susan
’00 Duarte Stephen
Faculty Dunn Steve
Faculty Fetterolf Bernadette
Staff Folkerts Nancy
’81, ’01 Fox Ann
Staff Fox Molly
Faculty Frazier Max
Faculty Gardner Sue Ellen
Staff Gresnick Trisha
’92 Hageman Kathleen
’97 Hammerschmidt Lisa
Hibbs Darren
Staff Hoelker Sherry
’00 Jarmer Shana
01, ’03 Jensby Leslie
’99 Johnston Bradbury Shelley
’80 Keiser Linda
Kennedy Joel
’77 Kroupa Kathy
Lamb Denette
Staff Lamm Sherry
Staff Lane Debbie
Staff Larrea Ami
’71 Larson David
’73 Larson Ellen
Faculty Lee Shelley
Staff Leitzel Eric
Lester Kirk
’77 Maksimowicz Sheila
’09 McGuire Barbara
McIntire Bonnie
Staff Moreno Isabel
Staff Niedens Rosemary
’06 Palacioz Johnny
Staff Pipes Sarah
Faculty Polley Pam
’04 Quick Laura
Staff Rasico Charles
Staff Reusser and family Jann
’03 Roberts Rachel
’70 Rueb Shirley
’72, ’98 Sabala Linda
Salcet Kashanie Mahdi
’06 Sandoval Ana
’04 Sandoval-Kennedy Rebeca
Schinstock Jessica
’91 Siefers Christine
Staff Snedden Kelly
Faculty Strickert Debbie
’09 Sullivan Aaron
’03, ’07 Tamburro Tony
’08 Thompson Lori
’79 Trujillo Sharon
’08 Turley Wendy
Staff Vogt Sonja
’49 Walker Jeanette
’67 Wesolowsky Joan
’05 Whalen Dick
Williams Chevon
Williams Terry
Youngers Sarah