Nursing & Allied Health students participate in Board of Trustees dinner

Sep 29, 2016
Board of Trustees tour Eck Hall and view new renovations for students.

Last Thursday marked the quarterly Board of Trustees dinner held at Newman University. Each meeting showcased a different department. For the month of Sept., students of Nursing and Allied Health were featured.

Construction workers in Eck Hall.
Network engineers thread a complex web of ethernet cables throughout Eck Hall.

It kicked off with a cocktail hour located in Eck Hall, followed by a tour of the recently renovated spaces. Nursing and allied health students were present in each room and was able to discuss the new additions by highlighting how they have benefitted the School of Nursing and Allied Health as a whole.

In addition to expanded classrooms and lab space, students now have access to new technology such as cameras and manikins. Megan Ginter, assistant professor and the assistant director of the CRNA program, presented a demonstration to the board members regarding how the manikins worked with the aid of a computer.

A dinner was held at 7 p.m. in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center after the Newman University Board of Trustees completed their tour of Eck. Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Dr. Jane Weilert spoke first and then was followed by three students who are currently in the nursing program. Students Rylan Sankey, Kate Redford and Kristin Deckert talked for approximately two minutes about each of their Newman experiences.

New machines are available for nursing students' use.
Respiratory care students now have access to technology and resources that will allow for more efficient practice in the lab before going to a patient setting.

Not only was this the first time board members were able to see the renovations, but they also received the opportunity to hear firsthand how the available resources benefit students and faculty.

“It is often difficult to reserve spots in hospitals,” said Director of Nursing Teresa Vetter. “But [with these resources] we now have the means to allow students practice time in a safe setting before transitioning to a patient setting.”

The School of Nursing and Allied Health includes NursingNurse AnesthesiaOccupational Therapy AssistantDiagnostic Medical SonographyRadiologic TechnologyRespiratory Care, and Healthcare Science.