Newman partnership with Cowley College offers fast track to teaching

Feb 15, 2022
Desk with pens, pencils, paperclips, all surrounding the Newman University logo that states "A Degree of Difference."

In partnership with Cowley College, Newman University offers opportunities for students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in education at two of the Cowley College sites: Arkansas City’s main campus and the Sumner campus in Wellington site.

Referred to as the Accelerated Pathway to Teaching program, the initiative is currently the fastest route in the state to completing a bachelor’s degree through an accelerated 16-month program.

The need for qualified, licensed teachers in Kansas is high, and through this partnership, Cowley College and Newman can provide an easier path for first-time students or adult learners to complete their degrees. 

Jessica Bird
Jessica Bird

Newman’s interim dean of School of Education and Social Work Jessica Bird said, “Teacher shortages are happening all across the state of Kansas — it’s not just affecting one area or another.”

“By developing this partnership, we’re able to create more teachers and help fill the gap,” she said. “The more we can reach out to these places and help them train and have quality teachers, the better off everybody will be.”

Students in the program graduate from Cowley College in two years with an associate degree and then complete their bachelor’s degree in education at Newman in as little as 16 months.

By developing this partnership, we’re able to create more teachers and help fill the gap.”

Jessica Bird

The program, which Bird describes as “grow your own teacher,” allows students to remain where they live while pursuing their degree. As a result, after they graduate, they go on to find full-time jobs in that same school district.

Paige Newlin

One such student is Paige Newlin, who was interested in being part of the Accelerated Pathway to Teaching program as it enabled her to stay on the Cowley campus while pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Newman.

“I jumped at that opportunity, and I’ve been excited for it ever since,” she said. “It’s great, and the program is only 16 months, so I might have a bachelor’s degree before I turn 21.”

Learn more about the Accelerated Pathway to Teaching program on the Newman University website.

Newman University and Cowley College - Accelerated Pathway to Teaching Elementary Education program.