Newman strengthens relationship with community colleges

Mar 07, 2019
Pathway to Newman educates community college transfer student on things like transfer scholarships

“Pathway to Newman” was an event held on Feb. 27 to educate nearby community colleges on the opportunities offered at Newman University for transfer students such as transferring credits and transfer scholarships.

In attendance were presidents, admissions representatives and others from Butler Community College, Cowley Community College, Hutchinson Community College and Pratt Community College.

The Newman admissions department has been working hard to build relationships with nearby community colleges and grow Newman’s transfer student population. The idea for the event was a collaborative effort between the transfer admissions office, Director of Admissions Cammie Kennedy and Vice President of Enrollment Management Norm Jones.

Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions Monica Heasty said, “The benefit of having this event is for Newman University to build partnerships with local community colleges. These partnerships will provide the Transfer Admissions Office more opportunities to speak with students at community colleges about transferring to Newman after they graduate with an associate degree so they can complete a bachelor degree.”

The overall goal is to help more students find their fit at Newman University after being equipped with the tools they learned while attending a community college.

Multiple Newman University faculty members also attended to talk with fellow colleges about their programs, scholarships and transfer options for their students. Deans, directors, clinical coordinators and professors visited with attendees and spoke to the audience about their programs.

“Most people in attendance were not aware of what we offer,” said Admissions Digital Marketing Manager Geoff Louvar. “We have a really great scholarship for transfer students.”

Transfer students are automatically eligible for a scholarship at Newman when they apply. All accepted transfer students receive an academic scholarship that ranges from $10,000 to 14,000 per academic year. If students meet the requirements, they can receive additional transfer scholarships: Associate Degree Incentive Scholarship $3,000, Dual Advising Scholarship $3,500, or the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship $4,500.

Newman also has articulation agreements with six community colleges. Articulation agreements are designed to build strong partnerships between community colleges and four-year institutions by making credits more transferrable between the two.

Heasty commented, “The event was busy with conversations about how we can help community college students continue their education and was very productive in making personal connections through networking. I think our guests found the event informative and hopefully learned something new about Newman University.”