Students lend a hand with annual fundraising goal

Mar 20, 2019

Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving Ray Williams is searching for student volunteers to aid in fundraising efforts and connect with alumni and donors.

The Phone-a-thon is an event held each semester and run by the Alumni Relations office. It will begin April 1 and end April 12.

Student volunteers will call donors and alumni from 4-8 p.m. with the goal of raising money for the Newman Fund, a fund dedicated to providing access to education for future and current Newman students.

“The overall goal for the Phone-a-thon is to raise funds and re-focus attention on the Newman Fund and how important it is to our students,” said Williams. “In one way or another, everyone has either benefited from a scholarship or knows someone who has.”

Student volunteers sort paperwork at the fall 2018 Phone-a-thon

As many as 99 percent of Newman students receive scholarships and financial aid. Much of that is in thanks to generous donors and alumni who give to the Newman Fund during this event. Williams has set the fundraising goal at $45,000 this year.

Donations big and small have an impact on the overall success of the event but more importantly, on student scholarships for years to come.

Williams is increasing the number of student volunteers from five to 12 in order to make the process flow better.

“We need callers, document sorters, students to write thank you notes, students to address envelopes and did I mention callers? We will have food every night as well as prizes like gift cards to Chick-fil-A and QuikTrip, quarters for laundry and more,” said Williams. Students are able to use their Phone-a-thon time as official volunteer hours.

Students wanting to volunteer can contact Williams at [email protected]. Those wanting to give to the cause can designate their donation to the Newman Fund through the website.