The pre-medicine journey at Newman University

May 28, 2020

One-on-one instruction, small class sizes, multiple ways to get involved, personalized academic attention, local internship opportunities, tight-knit community and skill-building at its best.

These and more are all common descriptors of Newman University, and recent 2020 pre-med graduates said they are heading to the next leg of their journey with a hands-on higher education experience they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Their Newman education helped prepare them not only for their next step, but for their future in general.

Newman offers pre-professional programs in dentistry, occupational therapy, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, optometry and physical therapy.

But its most popular pre-professional program is medicine. The number of pre-med graduates varies each year, yet the local community and professional medical schools know Newman well from its reputation of developing skilled and competent graduates ready to move forward in their professional medicine journey.

Ready for medical school

Stephanie Ng, who will start at the University of Kansas (KU) School of Medicine in Kansas City in July, is interested in pediatrics and allergy medicine but is keeping her options open as she journeys through medical school. 

She appreciated how Newman University celebrated cultural diversity and the fact that faculty encouraged her to get out in the community and meet other health care workers to find her best fit.

“The teachers at Newman university were very supportive of their students’ goals,” said Ng. “My time at Newman prepared me to be a physician that embraces diversity and has a heart for service.”

Ng said her professors encouraged her to find jobs within the health care field, not only to confirm that is what she truly wanted to do, but to also begin getting to know professionals in the field. Learning in class and labs was an important part of her education, but working directly with professionals in the community and getting to know daily routines and duties helped Ng affirm her passion for medicine.

John DeGraffenreid

John DeGraffenreid, who will also attend KU medical school this fall, said he appreciated the educational atmosphere Newman provided.

“Newman hosted an environment that encouraged growth and development,” he said. “I had amazing professors who worked one-on-one with me to help me achieve my dream of becoming a physician. The professors authentically care about their students and want to see them succeed.”

He emphasized his excitement to begin medical school, taking what he has gained from Newman and building on those skills and the knowledge he obtained. He is confident for what is next and looks forward to learning more, especially in clinical settings.

Unforgettable moments

Advancing through a four-year higher education pre-med experience has its ups and downs. Newman University graduates often say the tight-knit community and family atmosphere is what helped them succeed and excel in their journey — a journey that carries lifelong memories they will take with them when they leave.

Whether it’s working through long nights of studying or forming unbreakable bonds with fellow students, the memories and lessons that students take with them when it’s all said and done are valued and cherished.

Adrienne Esposito (left) poses with fellow graduate Kyle Mazza.

Adrienne Esposito will start at KU School of Medicine in July and said she won’t forget the opportunities she had and the dedication professors and staff at Newman showed her throughout her time at the university.

“One of the biggest lessons I️ learned from Newman is to get involved,” said Esposito. “Being involved in undergrad gave me such a rich experience that will stay with me for years to come. Now I’m more apt to get involved in medical school knowing how much my involvement at Newman benefited me in the long run. Not to mention all of the amazing relationships I️ was able to build throughout my time at Newman that will last a lifetime.”

Stephanie Ng (left) during a late-night study session with fellow students Sarah Schreiber (front), Sydney Triggs (back) and Leah Graham (center).

For Ng, the friendships she made during her time at Newman will be one of her most treasured memories.

“I will always think back on all the great times I had with friends on campus and in the dorms. Some of my best friendships were made during late-night study sessions when everyone thought their brains couldn’t take any more information.”

Advice for future students

Choosing a university can be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful experience. Many times, a prospective student is looking at the right fit above other things while keeping a strong educational experience in mind.

At Newman University, students receive a personalized, guided education experience led by caring and exceptional faculty and staff, and sustained through Navigator, a support system designed to empower students and shape their future.

Yet sometimes the best way a prospective student can learn about a university is through word of mouth — by hearing personal experiences and advice given directly by a student who attended Newman and who can offer words of counsel and insight.

Ng advised students that college isn’t just about studying and encourages them to take advantage of leadership and involvement opportunities on campus.

“Newman is a place where you have many opportunities to become a leader that can make a difference on campus and in the community,” she explained. “Join a club that you would never have thought to join before, take a trip out of the country to learn about other cultures or advocate for ways to build others up via student government.”

Sarah Schreiber

Sarah Scheiber will attend KU medical school in July 2020. Her involvement on campus included participating as an active member in NUMPC, the Newman University Medical Professionals Club.

“The professors are passionate about providing their students a quality education,” she said. “ But I was also thankful for clubs such as NUMPC that enriched my experience as a pre-med student. These elements prepare students for future education and career goals.”

Esposito agreed, saying getting involved sooner than later helps build a strong and memorable experience.

“Newman is a wonderful place for a more collective college experience that gives you a strong foundation for whatever your future endeavors might be. I️ strongly recommend getting involved early.”

DeGraffenreid said he was happy he chose Newman and would encourage students looking for a pre-med education to attend.

“Newman is well worth your investment. With a strong pre-med program and smaller class sizes, I was able to develop lasting connections with most of my science professors who have supported me well beyond my undergraduate degree.”

For more information about the Newman University pre-med programs, visit the website or contact an admissions counselor at 316-942-4242.