Pre-vet student receives Bill House Hereford Foundation Scholarship

Aug 11, 2021
Kyndel Randall

Growing up in Dexter, Kansas — a tiny town of 300 people — fostered Kyndel Randall’s love for both animals and softball.

Randall, a first-year student in pre-veterinary medicine, chose to pursue these passions at Newman University for a number of reasons, one of them being the opportunity to join the softball team.

“That was exciting, so I looked into the programs Newman offers, and I saw pre-veterinary medicine,” she said. “I scheduled a visit and loved that it’s close to home. I also enjoyed hearing the student-to-teacher ratio was the same as my school growing up. I didn’t want to be just a number at a huge college.”

Kyndel Randall, front center, commits to the Newman Jets softball team in May 2021.
Kyndel Randall, front center, commits to the Newman Jets softball team in May 2021.

Agriculture and animal science

In recognition of her hard work and talent, Randall was recently awarded the Bill House Hereford Foundation Scholarship.

Swain William (Bill) House, a southcentral Kansas lawyer-turned-rancher, had been very active in the beef industry on the state and national levels. His namesake scholarship helps support students pursuing an agricultural-related degree.

For the 2021-22 academic year, 11 students from around Kansas received the scholarship.

“When I received the email that I was being awarded the Bill House Hereford Foundation Scholarship, I was so excited and felt blessed,” Randall said. “Being a recipient means that all my hard work in high school paid off and helped start a path for my future.”

Kyndel Randall
Kyndel Randall, courtesy photo.

A passion for animals

Randall chose to go into veterinary medicine because she has loved animals since she was in second grade and wants to help take care of them and their owners.

Students in Newman’s pre-professional veterinary medicine program like Randall gain the knowledge necessary to one day enter veterinary school. They can expect one-on-one attention from faculty and the opportunity to shadow anywhere from 100 to 200 hours throughout the curriculum, enabling them to gain a better understanding of the field.

As Randall dives further into her pre-veterinary medicine coursework and experience at Newman, her passion for animals will only deepen.

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