Preview Day sparks interest for potential students

Nov 21, 2019

To provide opportunities for potential students to visit Newman University, the admissions department hosts events for high school and transfer students throughout the year to explore the campus and inquire about the university.

One of these events is known as Preview Day and showcases the variety of opportunities available at Newman, such as the many available majors, athletics and other extracurricular activities.

This year, Preview Day fell on Nov. 16 and many students were excited about Newman potentially being the home of their higher education.

Georgia Drewes, associate director of admissions for recruitment, detailed what Preview Day is, and what it consisted of.

“Preview Day is a day where we can expose students to Newman University. We started off the day by introducing all of our admissions staff. Dr. Greg Smith, professor of psychology, opened up by talking to students and their guests about what being a Newman student is like.

“Paola (Nunez) moderated a student panel with three of our students — Karen Do, Jose Rojas and Courtney Klaus. After that, we did an academic fair on the first-floor foyer of Bishop Gerber Science Center, so they got the opportunity to talk to a lot of different people all in one place. If they wanted to bounce around and see art and theology and business and education, they could.”

Drewes added, “We also added in an opportunity for them to speak with athletics or residence life representatives. We had a section of the dining hall reserved for Dr. Kelly McFall, to hear from him and a student in our honors program. Then we did a scholarship and financial aid portion.”

Drewes had every reason to believe the students enjoyed their visit.

“It’s always a telling sign when people want to stick around afterward and ask questions and talk because they are genuinely interested. It’s really nice to see people who are coming in and they’ve already talked to their admissions counselor, and they know exactly who they are — they’re excited to meet them in person. We even had a few students meet with coaches before the event began because they’re interested in athletics.

“It’s kind of an all-encompassing day, they get to do a lot of stuff in a short span of time.”