Read all about it! Newman News website gets a facelift

Jan 19, 2016

Unless this is your first time on the Newman University News website, you might have guessed things are a bit different around here.

On Friday, Jan. 15 Newman not only released a revamped design, but also changed the name of the news site to “Newman Today.”

In the past, the Newman University Relations Department had primarily used the website as a tool to push information through different channels such as social media and the Up to the Minute newsletter. The goal of the newly designed site is a shift from a push to a pull strategy.

Director of Newman University Relations Clark Schafer said, “Our main focus on the new site was to develop and design a format that would be much easier for readers to consume and thereby making the site a destination for the latest happenings at Newman University.”

The design of the new news website is more structured than the previous site, with fewer graphics and more “white space.” The home page was built to offer a different “grid” format for each category section in order to keep eyes moving across the page. The archives page includes a custom-built archive search form that allows the visitor to very easily search through past articles by month, year or category.

In an effort to build upon the identity of the news site, the name of “Newman Today” was anchored to the masthead.

Newman University Director of Editorial Services Ken Arnold said, “The name ‘Newman Today’ was selected because it identifies the site as always current. It will reflect the latest news, as well as the most popular or top recent stories, news from the most-read categories, social media activity, videos and upcoming events – all in one convenient location.”

The website was developed by Newman University Web Technology Specialist, Daniel Murphy.

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