Reading the online NU Magazine is kind of like time travel

Apr 27, 2017
Mag Design 2017

The Spring 2017 Newman University Magazine covers several topics in regard to the university’s recent rebranding. To the University Relations Department, it seemed like an appropriate time to coordinate a redesign of the online version of the magazine that fit the new branding.

The Newman University Magazine features a completely custom designed template. The new template features design elements that can be found throughout the print magazine such as a color palette of red, white, and grays that are consistent with the rebranding’s scheme.

The online Newman University Magazine is unique to other magazine sites in that it is organized as an archive instead of a news feed. If you visit the issues page, you can view all articles collectively from a particular issue. It is a great way to for senior students to conveniently look back on events of their freshman year. It’s kind of like time travel if you think about it.

Previous editions of the online Newman Magazine go back as far as Spring 2009.

Visit the updated online magazine site at