Record number of Newman students accepted into medical school

Apr 04, 2012

Nine Newman University senior students who applied for admission to medical school were recently notified that they have been accepted. The event marks a record for the number of students from Newman University to be accepted in the same academic year.

Seven of the students — Jesse Gray, Nicholas Ojile, Anna Scheuffele, Christopher Stanley, Cole Gillenwater, Caleb McCormick, and Cooper Stewart — will begin their studies at the University of Kansas School of Medicine next fall. Senior T.V. Nguyen was accepted by the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colo. Chad Michler was accepted in the biomedical sciences program at the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in Kansas City, Mo., which leads to the doctor of osteopathic medicine program there.

“It is a record, but one that we anticipate will be broken several times in the next few years,” said Newman Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Undergraduate Studies David Shubert, Ph.D. “We have a very promising group of younger students.”

A record nine Newman University seniors have been accepted into medical schools beginning in fall 2012. The students are, l-r, seated: Anna Scheuffele, Jesse Gray, T.V. Nguyen, Nicholas Ojile, and Chad Michler; standing: Cooper Stewart, Christopher Stanley, Caleb McCormick and Cole Gillenwater.

The nine students are the latest example of a long-standing tradition of excellence for the Newman pre-medical program. Over the past 10 years, 96 percent of Newman students who successfully completed the university’s pre-med program and received positive recommendation from Newman’s Pre-medical Committee have been accepted into medical schools.

Shubert said the high success rate can be attributed to several factors, including high motivation and commitment by students, and a dedication to learning by the Newman faculty. He added that the Newman Pre-medical Committee attends the conference of pre-medical advisors at the University of Kansas School of Medicine each year to stay abreast of current trends and developments in medical schools. The committee also invites KU’s assistant dean of admissions to Newman to meet with pre-med students.

“All Newman pre-med students ‘shadow’ a physician or receive hands-on time with a physician or hospital to get an accurate look at what the profession entails,” Shubert added. “The student Pre-Medical Club and Pre-Health Professionals Club also play an important part. These groups coordinate MCAT study groups, bring in outside speakers, and promote the spirit of cooperation that distinguishes the Newman community.”

“I believe Newman has truly prepared me for the admission process and for medical school,” said student Cole Gillenwater. “The teachers care about you and they want to see you achieve. It is one of the best feelings to continue your dream and it wouldn’t have been possible without Newman and all of the pre-med teachers.”

The nine students are listed below by hometown.

Andale, Kan.:
Nicholas Ojile

Bel Aire, Kan.:
T.V. Nguyen

Benton, Kan.:
Caleb McCormick

Goddard, Kan.:
Christopher Stanley

Kechi, Kan.:
Chad Micheler

Wichita, Kan.:
Cole Gillenwater
Jesse Gray
Anna Scheuffele
Cooper Stewart