Rush of Fools comes to rock Newman University campus

Feb 19, 2015

The Birmingham, Ala., Christian-faith rock and praise band Rush of Fools will perform at Newman University on Friday, March 27. The concert will be outside and is free and open to the public.

Rush of Fools has been touring North America and rising in popularity since the band was established in 2005. Rush of Fools is best known for its hit song Wonder of the World, which peaked on the Christian music charts at #7 for a five-week span. While on its journey to the top of the Christian rock genre, Rush of Fools and its members have experienced trials and tribulations as a band, and individually, influencing the band’s music. The result is a band whose music reveals intense hardship, but always celebrates God’s glory.

Rush of Fools talk about their new album, ‘Carry Us Now’

In a press release from the band’s management company, Rush of Fools discuss their new album, “Carry Us Now.” The band said, “The songs on ‘Carry Us Now’ illustrate our journey through the seasons of mourning and celebration. Our first single, Held In Your Hands, reveals our hearts when we sing, ‘I know, Jesus, I can trust You, I know in all things You are good.’ It reminds us of the providence of God and how in every walk of life, and through every passing hour, the hand of God is at work.”

Bands poll for opportunity to open for Rush of Fools

Newman University left the decision up to the community to decide what band will open for Rush of Fools. Of the Rescue and Aviator Worship are currently up for consideration, pending the most votes on the online poll linked below:

Thanks to the active participation of both prospective opening bands, the Facebook post announcing the poll has stirred up a frenzy with over 100 shares. As of this writing, over 800 votes have been cast in the poll. The poll will close on Friday, Feb. 27 at noon following the announcement of the opening band on both the Facebook event page and our campus calendar event page.

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