Students meet their donors at annual Scholarship Luncheon

Apr 17, 2018
Scholarship Luncheon

The annual Scholarship Luncheon was held April 16 in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center. The luncheon is a unique opportunity for students to meet the specific donors providing them with their scholarships.

Senior Development Officer Beth Fatkin said, “I think this is a really neat event. The students can personally thank the donors for the scholarship help, and the donors can see firsthand that their endowed scholarship is making an impact in the lives of students.”

Nursing students Khoi Nguyen and Erin Schueller were able to speak to the audience about how their scholarships have impacted their time at Newman. Both students said they are very thankful for the scholarships that allow them to accomplish their goals and experience new things.

Nguyen said, “We, as students, are grateful for the donors’ contributions, so the luncheon is a great opportunity for us to express that.”

Scholarship luncheon
Khoi Nguyen and Erin Schueller sharing stories from opportunities that their scholarships have allowed them to have.

Nguyen is a recipient of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC) Community Leadership Scholarship, the Honors Program Scholarship and the Newman Academic Scholarship.

She said, “Thanks to my scholarships, I am able to go to college.

“The Honors program gave me grants that allowed me to visit the United Nations Headquarters in New York City,” she said, “and become an intern for Partnership for Global Justice, and develop the Cool Beans project that taught grade school and middle school students about food waste, hunger and food sustainability. As an ASC scholar, I was selected to visit Liberia, where the Five Martyrs of Charity and several ASC sisters worked.”

Schueller accompanied Nguyen on that trip to Liberia. 

Schueller appreciates her scholarships, too, and uses them to stay connected within the community and expand her outreach. She volunteers with the Kansas Humane Society, the Lord’s Diner, NewSpring Church, Guadalupe Clinic and many more. 

She said, “My scholarship has allowed me to meet new people, have new learning opportunities and have many great experiences.”

She expressed how unique it is that Newman brings together the donor and the student at the luncheon.

“It is nice to know who is behind the scholarship and it is nice for donors to know what type of student is receiving them,” said Schueller. “This is a great opportunity for our students to get to interact with these special donors.”

A total of 96 donors and students attended the scholarship luncheon. This luncheon is where meaningful connections are built, according to Nguyen.

Schueller added, “I am truly grateful for the scholarships I receive, as they allow me to come to this wonderful school.”

Scholarship Luncheon
Sister Marsha Wilson and Bridget Sponsel