Laura Scholl to speak at AIGA Design Week

Sep 20, 2018

Laura Scholl, assistant professor of graphic design and digital art at Newman University, will present during Wichita Design Week hosted by AIGA Wichita.

According to AIGA Wichita’s website, “Wichita Design Week is a week-long series of events to further engage designers of all disciplines and those who use design through connection, information and inspiration. Design Week brings together three local chapters of national and international professional organizations to connect the Wichita design community and bring greater awareness to the benefits of design in our daily lives, businesses and community.”

Scholl will present during PechaKucha night, the kickoff event for Design Week that begins at 6 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, at Barleycorn’s, 608 E. Douglas Ave., in Wichita, Kansas.

“PechaKucha is something that is done all over the country,” explained Scholl. “The idea is a quick slideshow presentation with 20 slides, each lasting 20 seconds.”

Scholl said her presentation will discuss slow design, “which is a branch of the slow movement. In terms of slow food, the idea is to eat slowly while taking time to talk to your companions, enjoy your surroundings. It’s something that takes place over time — you can’t receive the message or get the communication if you limit yourself to only a few seconds.”

She explained that her artwork is meant to be experienced slowly, stating it is time-based and there are elements of color change that individuals must be present at the art piece longer in order to experience the whole effect.

“I think in this world of fast food and instant response, everyone has an idea of fast, fast, fast. I really encourage people to slow down and focus, to take a breath. I try to encourage my students to do that, too. I think it’s really important. We’re so overloaded, and we need to take the time to really look at things and completely take in what we are seeing.”

Scholl has been an AIGA Wichita board member for three years and is the currently the treasurer. She said she didn’t just join for herself.

“The reason I joined wasn’t for my own career — I joined to give Newman visibility in the local design world. And I want to expose the students here and provide them with more opportunities to be involved as well.”

Scholl said Design Week isn’t just for graphic designers.

“I always encourage everyone to go to Design Week because — while it’s a wonderful opportunity for designers — journalists, social media coordinators, architects, and even those who aren’t in the design field, they would all benefit from this.”

For more information, contact Scholl at [email protected].