Senior art show ‘Four Square’ is coming to Newman University April 29

Apr 14, 2016
Four Square

Coming soon to Newman University, “Four Square,” a culminating art exhibition in the De Mattias Fine Art Center Hallway Gallery will showcase the works and talents of soon-to-be graduating seniors from the Newman University Art Department. The exhibition opens April 29 and features art majors Kati Bush and Abby Schmeidler, Newman Professor of English Bryan Dietrich, Ph.D. and art minor Max Pyle.

The four artists have a variety of artistic mediums, which gave one of the featured artists, Kati Bush, the unique challenge of unifying the works into one art show. Although she did not brand the show alone, she was in charge of the graphic design and promotion of the show.

Bush said, “It took a lot of thought because all of our styles are so different. A lot of the creative process involves bouncing ideas off of different members of the team. On the forefront, the title comes from that, but we wanted to brand something fun, per se, and each artist has learned to connect to each other and their inner child through their art. The name of the show itself wasn’t originally my idea. It came from Bryan Dietrich. But we melded our visions together to come up with the title ‘Four Square.’ And through the show, hopefully we’ll connect to the audience.”

Bush will be presenting her introspective photography series, “Chroma,” as well as other works of her photography, watercolor, and more. Schmeidler will be showcasing her works, including her focus with graphic design. Pyle will be presenting his ceramics, and Dietrich will exhibit his drawings, prints, oil paintings, and sculpture.

Dietrich, who is also the chair of the Arts and Letters division, is finishing up his Bachelor in Arts degree in Art this year with the Newman University Art Department. Dietrich said his focus has been on drawing, painting, and clay sculpture.

“There will be a lot of stuff from the figure drawing class,” he said. “And there will also be some poetry that came out of the same process. But I’m trying to work towards this idea of taking the human and putting it into the nonhuman.”

Bush thinks that the four artists this year present a unique show.

“This is the first time in three years we’ve had a photography major graduate. It’s the first time, since I can remember, that a senior will present a lot of ceramics,” Bush said. “We have never seen figure drawing in a senior show. And although we’ve seen a lot of graphic design in past shows, I think Abby will bring something special to the show with her style.”

This will be a good, diverse, and unique senior art show offered by the Newman University Art Department that showcases a lot of the strengths within the art department. It will be a show you will not want to miss.

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