Senior Nathan Siple on ministry, music and dental school

Jun 16, 2016
Nathan Siple - Ministry through Music

Ministry through service

Student Nathan Siple will enter his senior year at Newman University in the Fall of 2016. As part of his ministry, he has performed in concerts for various events around campus including the Prayer Breakfast, Ike NDolo concert, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) events. He is also active with Campus Ministry.

Considering his exuberant dedication of service to his faith, one might assume that Siple is studying to go into ministry.

Siple said, “I honestly have always dreamed about being a dentist and on the side – being a worship leader for my church.”

For Siple, ministry is life. He plans to attend dental school after college with hopes of owning his own local practice. His practice will provide an opportunity to minister to those under his care.

“The Lord permeates everything I do and gives me purpose,” Siple explained.

Music as a ministry tool

Using both his guitar and voice as a tool to shape his ministry efforts, music is a large part of Siple’s life. He talks about his music:

“When the opportunities are given to me to lead worship at random events, I honestly am surprised more often than not. It is such a blessing and true honor to be asked to play for the prayer breakfasts, concerts, and FCA. I accept these opportunities with excitement and readiness, but total dependance on the Lord. I have seen God leading me into worship ministry and I am consistently just shown the next step, not the whole staircase. I don’t know where my music for the Lord is going to lead, and I’m OK with that.”

Siple continues, “Music is not required for ministry. But music has the profound ability to break down emotional walls. It is such a beautiful tool for ministering to people. It can surface things people have been hiding and bottling for years. God used David to soothe Saul’s heart with David’s music. For thousands of years God has used music to reveal Himself to his people.”

Preparing for leadership

Siple credits quality education and his trust in God to prepare him to lead others through ministry.

“Newman has offered me many opportunities to speak and lead worship. I could not be more grateful for Newman’s trust and honor that is shown me every time they bless me with an opportunity. God has used these opportunities to increase my trust and reliance on Him. He has given me confidence in his plan for my life and shown me that I am called to be a leader. I am humbled but intensely excited for where the Lord is going to take me.”

“Newman University has blessed me with opportunities to further my career and expand my ministry. I am in awe of the places God has taken me and I feel that I just got started.”