‘SHEro’ week will honor women in various ways

Mar 06, 2019
SHEro Women's Week

Newman University’s Division of Student Affairs has planned a “SHEro” week to honor women of the community in many different ways.

Director of Multicultural Engagement and Campus Life
Joseph Shepard spoke about the upcoming event and the motivation for sponsoring it.

“A lot of times, women are not recognized for their contributions to society and this is our way of celebrating those who deserve to be recognized for what they do. We wanted to join other colleges around Wichita and in Kansas. It’s important to create spaces to recognize women and their capabilities.”

Shepard has partnered with Newman’s Multicultural Leadership Organization (MCLO) as well as the Diversity Round Table ambassadors to make “SHEro” Week a success. They are especially focused on providing events that everyone can be a part of.

Events for “SHEro” Week:

Monday, March 18: Women’s panel with MCLO featuring women of the community speaking about their professional and personal lives.

Tuesday, March 19: “SHEro” awards featuring a speaker and refreshments.

Wednesday, March 20: Thank A Woman Day and gathering in the Dugan atrium to write cards to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Thursday, March 21: Jets Table Talk hosted by Diversity Round Table ambassadors focused on combating the misrepresentation of women in society.