Sloppy Joes adds five new members

Sep 10, 2015

On Monday and Thursday, Sept. 7 and 10, the Sloppy Joes held auditions for the Newman University improv troupe.

The Sloppy Joe improv troupe has been around campus for well over five years. The troupe brings with them talent and entertainment by Newman students for Newman students in the practice of improvisational games.

After a day of auditions and another day of callbacks, the troupe has five new members. Congratulations to the newest members of the Sloppy Joe Improv Troupe: Kati Bush, Ruben Lerma, Amy Emerson, Lauren Spencer and Nick Wynn.

The new members will perform at upcoming events, and also help facilitate Improv Workshops for Newman students, led by senior Sloppy Joe John Denny. The Sloppy Joes are also set to perform at the popular bi-annual event for students, Breakfast and Bingo.

You can also see the Sloppy Joes perform twice each month at a local coffee shop, Mead’s Corner, or in the Jabara Flexible Theatre in the De Mattias Fine Arts Center.

The first Sloppy Joe shows are coming up quickly. Mark your calendars for their show at Mead’s Corner on Monday, Sept. 14. Their first show in Jabara will be Friday, Sept. 18. Both shows are free.

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Last spring’s final Sloppy Joe show closed with the traditional “Pie in the Face”  final act, which you can view below.