Sophomore lands internship at the Wichita Eagle

Jan 28, 2016

Sophomore Delaney Hiegert came to Newman University as an undecided major, a recipient of the Cardinal Newman Scholarship.

Over the course of her freshman year, Hiegert found many things: new friends, clubs and a place on the softball team. However, one student organization that began as a hobby turned into a career path.

Hiegert joined The Vantage, the Newman University student-produced newspaper, during the first semester of her freshman year and, since then, she has climbed her way to Managing Editor — writing, designing and assuring the publication makes its Wednesday deadline each week.

Delaney Hiegert
Delaney Hiegert

Hiegert said that she came into school thinking she might go into accounting, but after she was told about The Vantage, she said being a writer eventually turned into a paid position as an editor.

“I volunteered to write the first semester of my freshman year, and it all kind of took off from there,” she said. “I loved it and realized I didn’t want to stop writing. I liked it too much. I declared a communication major and journalism minor because I started writing again and realized it was what I wanted to do.”

Denise Neil, newspaper advisor at Newman University and journalist and columnist at the Wichita Eagle, helped Hiegert obtain a short-term internship during Christmas break. After it ended, Hiegert was offered a freelancing position that will continue through the school year. She applied for a paid summer internship with the Wichita Eagle, too.

“I was really excited that I got to do this because I kind of wanted to go into journalism so it’s a good way for me to build my portfolio,” she said. “It was really fun. I got to write stories I was interested in. It was a good way to expand my connections and network a little bit.”

Hiegert said she is enjoying her time with the Wichita Eagle because she said she’s getting to experience all sides of journalism on a more professional level.

“[With these internships], I can see what editors and reporters and copy editors get to do,” she said. “I think for now I want to be a reporter starting out. I like human-interest, feature stories, sports and news. I just like writing.”

Hiegert has obtained a number of bylines at the Wichita Eagle already, including stories about hang out spots for ages 18-20, social media pet profiles, interactive escape-rooms and the ‘man bun’ trend.

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