Newman spring break extended for face-to-face classes

Mar 12, 2020

Newman University will extend its spring break recess for students taking face-to-face classes by one week.

The recess, which starts upon completion of classes Friday, March 13, will now extend through Sunday, March 29, for in-person classes only. Online classes will resume as scheduled on March 23.

The extended break will allow professors to prepare a plan to move their face-to-face classes online beginning March 30.

Currently, residence halls will remain open through the extended break. As in the past, Mabee Dining Center will be closed during the original spring break week but will provide food service during the second week of the recess on a brunch and dinner schedule.

Teresa Hall Bartels, Newman University interim president, said, “There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Newman, however, with growing concerns, the administration has been focusing on how to best protect the health and safety of Newman community members, while also considering the greater good of the communities we serve.

“There is certainly much to learn about the virus, but we know two things are evident. The first is that social distancing is one of the best protections against the spread of the virus. The second is that the virus has the potential to spread rapidly in communities. Both of these realities are a challenge for Newman and other college campuses.”


Questions regarding student workers, online classes and more have been brought to the attention of the administration.

Students with on-campus jobs who want to continue working should discuss work needs with their immediate supervisors. Students should consider their own health and should not come to campus if there is the potential of illness. A self-evaluation form will be sent to all staff, faculty and students, which will help if they are not feeling well and concerned they could be contagious with any type of illness.

Engagement in online classes is critical and requires substantive interaction on a regular basis.  Expectations for academic engagement are as follows:

  • Students are expected to continue academic engagement in all courses.
  • In the event they are unable to continue with courses, they should reach out to advisors and to the financial aid office to determine the impact withdrawing will have on financial aid awards.
  • A guide to growing skills in the online environment will be sent to each student.
  • Students receiving financial aid must continue academic engagement to ensure there is no impact to their spring 2020 financial aid eligibility and awards.

Students in the School of Nursing and Allied Health will receive an additional notice from Associate Dean Jane Weilert regarding labs and clinicals, which may continue during the extended break. 

If a student has a scheduled counseling appointment, they can call the counselor at (316) 247-7377 to make arrangements for an appointment.  Referrals can still be given by calling (316) 942-4291, ext. 2318 or 2137.

The university urges students to continue to monitor their student emails for any updates. A new webpage has been created to house all COVID-19-related information at Newman University.