Today’s Visitors

Dec 04, 2009

NU welcomes to campus today Jackie Nelson, Wichita State University Transfer; Melissa Morales, Returning Adult Student; Chantelle James, Friends University Transfer; Courtney Stuhlsatz, Wichiat State University Transfer; Sydney Kester, South High School Senior and Kelsey Hoehn, South High School Senior.

NU Welcomes the following individuals to camus:

  • Jackie Nelson – Wichita State University Transfer, Wichita, KS – Interdisciplinary Degree
  • Melissa Morales – Returning Adult Student, Wichita, KS – OTA
  • Chantelle James – Friends University Transfer Student, Wichita, KS – Paralegal
  • Courtney Stuhlsatz – Wichita State University Transfer Student, Andale, KS – Nursing
  • Sydney Kester – South High School Senior, Wichita, KS – Communication
  • Kelsey Koehn – South High School Senior, Park City, KS – Deciding