Newman University launches a new news website

Jul 01, 2010

Newman University has built a news services website to replace the old news section of the Newman website. The news website offers readers a far more friendly interface and integrates social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to enhance the viewer’s experience. Readers will also be able to comment on stories. The site also has a rotating feature section at the top that will display the most important news happening at the time, and a media center where local reporters can book story ideas, read the latest news releases, download Newman’s press kit, or connect with NU by using various methods offered.

“This website is a major jump forward compared to our last one. We concentrated on simplifying and automating the process that in the past required intense, time-consuming manual updates,” said NU Webmaster Charles Rasico.

The system also automates the production of the e-newsletter, Up to the Minute. “There are still some manual processes involved to send out the newsletter, but overall this is a massive improvement in how we use our resources,” said Web Coordinator Eric Leitzel.

The new system, built from the ground up by University Relations, will save time each Thursday for the team. “The new system allows us to concentrate our efforts on generating the stories, instead of building the newsletter each week,” said Director of Editorial Services Ken Arnold.

The news website is just one part of an incremental release of the entire new Newman University main website. In April, a new campus calendar was released. Along with the NU main website, The Athletics Department will release a new athletic website later this month as part of this comprehensive overhauling of Newman’s online presence. A new donor website will follow suit later this summer.

If you would like to comment on the new news website click on the green feedback button on the right side of the page.