Week shows NU students resources to be successful

Sep 17, 2015

From Tuesday, Sept. 8 to Friday, Sept. 11, Newman University presented Student Success Week. The week was designed to provide students with fun and informative ways to show how many resources are available on campus for students to be successful in and out of the classroom.

Some of the events available for students were presentations and speeches by local professionals with advice on mental health, spiritual well-being, financial tips, and time management. Events also included panel discussions, how to get I.T. help, and ways to be more effective when communicating.

Coordinator of Early Intervention and Testing Services Debbie Haslam was charged with the programming and organization of Student Success Week. She said that although the open house for the Testing Center and Services went well, she had mixed feelings about the events overall.

“The week didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but we had a few events that did very well.” Haslam said.

Haslam said she was unsure if attendance was low because the week was scheduled early in the school semester, or if the information was not distributed well enough to students. However, Haslam said she is seeing this as a learning opportunity, and is looking at different options and ways to boost attendance the next time around.

“We are going ahead and planning on continuing Student Success Week,” Haslam said.

If you missed Student Success Week or know of a student who is in need of some help in or out of the classroom, contact Haslman on the 3rd floor of Sacred Heart Hall, the administration building on campus. You can also go to the Student Care Program page on the NU Web site, in the Current Students section.

Student Success Week may be over, but the opportunities and chances for students to be successful at Newman last year-round.