Yanni Martin follows in family’s footsteps of making music

Sep 15, 2017
Yanni Martin

Yanni Martin, a freshman at Newman University, comes from a rich musical heritage. His father, W.D. Martin Jr., and uncle, Keith Martin,martin-newspaper-clippings were gospel musicians who have since expanded into other genres. W.D. Martin Jr.’s group,“Family Friend, regularly appeared on “The New Jim Bakker Show.”

At the age of four, Martin felt inspired by his father’s music and found a desire to create his own.

His father showed him what went into producing music in the studio. Ever since, Martin has been creating his own sound.

While deciding among the three major universities in Wichita, Martin realized he would not be just a number at Newman, but rather could make personal connections with his professors and peers.

His majors are marketing and graphic design.

Currently, Martin is honing his craft with computer programs such as “Drum Pad Machine” and “Garage Band” to mix the music. He also collaborates with his father on lyrics and style.

Martin’s favorite music to produce is electronic dance music, but he is hoping to create a new style by mixing gospel with electronic dance music and overlaying them with lyrics.

“It’s amazing to blend two different genres to form a new sound that hasn’t been explored before,” said Martin.

He hopes to use the skills acquired from his degree to market his music to be played over television commercials or at events.