Anna Lobmeyer one of five to receive 2023 St. Newman scholarship

Jun 14, 2023
Anna Lobmeyer (Courtesy photo)
Anna Lobmeyer (Courtesy photo)

When Anna Lobmeyer received the call that she was one of five high school seniors to receive the St. Newman Scholarship from Newman University, it seemed too good to be true.

“For a second I was just trying to remember if that was the big one or not,” Lobmeyer said. “When Georgia (Drewes, senior associate director of admissions) assured me that it was, I was really excited. My parents had just left the house, so I called to tell them. They both cried.”

Members of the Newman Admissions team hand-delivered a giant “full-tuition” check to Lobmeyer at Garden City High School in the spring. Lobmeyer’s parents and her six younger siblings — and at the time, with baby No. 8 on the way — showed up at the high school as an extra special surprise.

Anna's mother, Elizabeth Lobmeyer.
Anna’s mother, Elizabeth Lobmeyer

Lobmeyer’s parents, Matthew and Elizabeth Lobmeyer, said that if it wasn’t for the St. Newman Scholarship, Newman University might not have been an option for their daughter. But after months of prayers, “This is exactly the outcome we were praying for,” Elizabeth said.

“Anna is really caring and super smart,” Elizabeth said. “She is good at looking at a problem and figuring it out, taking action towards it. … I hope at Newman she’s challenged to think and learn, to incorporate different perspectives and find truth in all of that.”

Finding the perfect college fit

One of Lobmeyer’s biggest preferences for her dream college was proximity so she could still live close to her younger siblings. She also wanted to run cross-country, and after meeting the Newman coach, was convinced it was the perfect fit. The fact that Newman is a Catholic college was icing on the cake.

“As I go out into the world, I want to have a strong root in my faith life,” Lobmeyer added. 

At Newman, Lobmeyer plans to major in secondary education with a focus in history/government. She has always desired to work in a “helping profession,” which her parents assured her can happen in any setting.

It’s Lobmeyer’s hope to make a difference in the world by starting in the classroom.

If I really want to help people in my community, I think being a teacher would be a good way to do that.

Anna Lobmeyer, St. Newman scholarship recipient

“A lot of tragedies have happened with students that I’ve known and around my school, and I’ve noticed how much teachers are there for us and how they shape the way that we interact with the world — how they’re a constant,” Lobmeyer said. “I just thought, if I really want to help people in my community, I think being a teacher would be a good way to do that.”

In her application essay, Lobmeyer wrote that “teaching is one of the best acts of service one can offer, and the Adorers have a long history with that act … (giving me) good examples to use later in my own career. I hope to teach in a high school of a similar size and serve my own community back home in Garden City.”

Peace at Newman

On a campus tour, Lobmeyer said she immediately felt at home when she saw the St. Joseph statue by the 100-year-old Sacred Heart Hall.

A life-sized St. Joseph sculpture stands on display outside of Sacred Heart Hall.
A life-sized St. Joseph sculpture stands on display outside of Sacred Heart Hall.

“My dad is a farmer — a very hard worker — and seeing the statue reminded me that at Newman, I will still have similar people watching over me wherever I go.”

When asked what she looks forward to the most about college, Lobmeyer was ready with her answer.

“This is really weird, but I keep thinking about buying my own soap,” she said with a laugh. “I share with my sister and this time I get to pick exactly how I smell, all the time.”

The Lobmeyer family is excited to help Lobmeyer move into the residence halls in August.

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