Delaney Hiegert receives prestigious Rice Scholarship to KU School of Law

Apr 05, 2018
Delany Hiegert receives prestigious Rice scholarship to Kansas University Law school
Delaney Hiegert, named 2018 homecoming queen at Newman, poses with king Jacob Hobbie.

Senior Delaney Hiegert was recently accepted into the University of Kansas School of Law to continue her education and has been granted the highly prestigious Rice Scholarship, which brings Kansas residents with outstanding academic records and proven leadership ability to the program.

Hiegert expressed her excitement: “I was beyond excited to find out I had been accepted into my top picks for law school … it was an honor to simply be selected to interview for the Rice Scholarship at KU. When I found out I had been selected as a recipient, I was elated. I found out in a voicemail in the softball parking lot after a doubleheader. I was jumping up and down by my car and all my teammates came rushing over and we sort of had a dog pile of excitement. It was a great moment.”

Delaney Hiegert was accepted into The University of Denver, The University of Colorado, Loyola Chicago, The University of St. Mary's, KU and Washburn.
Delaney was accepted into the University of Denver, the University of Colorado, Loyola Chicago, the University of St. Mary’s, KU and Washburn.

A committee of faculty members selects Rice Scholars from the first-year admitted student candidates. Selection is based on merit only, as evidenced by undergraduate academic achievement, LSAT score and record of leadership. Final selections are made after interviews with the Rice Scholarship committee. Each year, five Rice Scholars are selected. The scholarship covers tuition and fees for first-year students and is fully renewable for the second and third year if the recipient maintains a specific grade-point average.

Hiegert plans on pursuing a career in civil rights advocacy and public interest law. She plans on working at the district attorney’s office throughout the summer.

“It’s a great opportunity to prepare myself for law school and sort of immerse myself in an environment with law professionals,” she explained. “I know I’ll be able to learn a lot and orient myself with law procedures before starting at KU in the fall, which is really valuable.”

Hiegert, a communication major, believes that her hard work at Newman University and the education the university granted helped with her success.

“I’m so thankful that I chose Newman because it has afforded me so many opportunities to grow as a leader and learner. I love that the small, connected community at Newman allowed me to experience such a range of things on campus — from softball to The Vantage to the Sloppy Joe Improv Troupe. I had professors and mentors that truly got to know me in my time here and were able to help me find the right fit for my graduate education. It’s just awesome that I have this opportunity to continue my education at such a great law school. I’m excited for all of it.”

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